1.  I’m digging American Idol this year.  I can’t shake the feeling that J-Lo and I might be good friends some day.

2.  I’m equally (and shamefully) enjoying The Bachelor.  Although, I truly wish Ben would cut his hair.

3.  I have (mostly) given up coffee.  Yep.  I know, totally crazy.

4.  Actually, my super clean diet has me giving up caffeine, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, grains (minus Ezekiel bread)…. you get the idea.

5.  I’m equally as irritable as I am proud of myself.  I know this will get better.

6.  CC has officially gone crazy.  My workouts literally leave me lying on the gym floor.  Everyday.

7.  I have yet to take down my Christmas printables & mercury glass collection.  There may even be one garland still out.

8.  Yes, we do have a trampoline inside.  Just for the winter.  It’s a 7 foot number and the kids got it from Santa this year.  It may have saved my life more than a few days.

9.  Someday I’ll get motivated to finish painting my hutch.  Someday.

10.  I’d love to get a spray tan but I can’t get past the thought of standing in front of another person (probably a tiny teenager) in a bathing suit.  No way, man.

11.  Do you ever buy the dip chips from Publix? You know, the carrots that are cut like potato chips.  Love those little guys.

12.  We saw The Grey this weekend.  For some reason, I keep fighting the urge to look over my shoulder for a vicious pack of wolves.

13.  I am also disappointed we made an hour drive to see that one.  A leetle bit sad, if you know what I mean.

14.  I could marry a few pages of the new Pottery Barn catalog.

15.  There are some exciting things I’m working on these days.  Cannot wait to share them with you.

16.  I really miss Friday Night Lights.

17.  Both our kids have strep throat this week.

18.  I’m beyond ready to start some bigger projects around here, but something is stopping me from pulling out the table saw.  It may be exhaustion.

19.  Do you know how much I want to live on the water someday?  I can close my eyes and smell the sea–it’s magical & I think I need that to be part of where I call home.  Someday, maybe.

20.  I’m trying to pick the gray for Ava’s room–it’s close, so I guess I’ll have to buy samples.

21.  I’m PUMPED about the giveaway we have for you guys tomorrow.

22.  If you need a basic white duvet, grab the basic from Pottery Barn right now while it’s on white sale–it’s sooo soft and pretty.

23.  I’ve got a contributor post coming this week–this is me squealing with excitement!!!!

24.  Matt sniffed out some more Biscoff spread at Publix the other night.

25.  I’m thinking of having a 25 things link party next week…say, Wednesday, February 8.  Join me??

P.S. The Welcome Home Ebook Winners are #4, Gina Christiansen, and #37, Jessica of 4 Generations, 1 Roof!

welcome home ebook

 Contact me at shaunna@harristire.com to get your new ebooks!!

Have a lovely Tuesday, party people!

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