This is a crazy day.  All words, no photos.

I tell the truth, friends.

As I’m getting ready to begin a new year at home, with my family, I’m, of course, getting ready to begin a new year with my blog, my business…with you guys.

This blog began as a hobby.  Me talking about what I wanted to talk about.  It will always be that.

But now, there are folks who come to hang out, to learn something, or to gain inspiration from projects and each other.

There are some things in the works for the new year, for this blog and for myself, and those will come.  I also can’t help but take the time to tell you some things I’m learning about myself and this blog, and to ask for your input.

I’m writing for you, after all.

Let me begin with some things I’ve learned.

My family still comes first.  And while I’m love with what I’m doing, with writing, with the projects we do (blog or not), the fam will always come first.  And that’s okay.  This blog probably won’t blow up tomorrow…but that’s okay.  I have a feeling your families are more important to you, too.


It occurs to me that quality is much more important than quantity.  I’ve learned that I want to spend a little more time working on projects and being a little less concerned with getting a post out every single day.  I want posts here to be worth your time…for them to inform, entertain, or inspire.  I’m not saying I won’t post everyday, but I’m not saying I will, either.   I’m taking the pressure off of myself to try to do too much…so I can do more.

Confused yet?


Balance is a choice much of the time.  It’s what we fight to grasp everyday, when most of the time it’s right there in front of our face.  Choices.  What to hold on to and what to let slide.  This has been a year of finding balance for me, for my family, for our blog.  Because it’s ours (Matt and those kids don’t know it yet, but it’s theirs too).  I’ve learned what things I can take on and what things I have to let go of.  Dreams I want to pursue now, and dreams that wait just a little bit longer.  Balance is why I sought out contributors.  And don’t worry: I haven’t forgotten.  I’m still sorting through it….I know this blog will be nothing but better with help from brilliant creatives.  Hopefully that will kick off in January or February.

Email is my arch-nemisis. Before the release of my eBook, I was totally able to answer every email.  All the time.  Now, brother, you just have to catch me on a good day. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that I don’t want to answer…I read every single one.  After I released the ebook, my email average shot up to around 75-100 per day.  That’s slowed back down to every few days to that many even in a week.  But those are just the questions on how to paint a specific piece, how to wax, what color to paint a chair, what fabric should I cover my chairs with, etc.  And I’m dying to answer them all.  I also have sponsor/more business emails, personal stuff, and those that are more personal I receive from y’all.  I’ve learned I just can’t answer them all…as badly as it pains me to say that.

However, Facebook & first comments are my cheerleaders.  As it became harder for me to answer all emails, I noticed it was fairly easy for me to try to answer every question I receive on my Facebook page.  It’s why I took down our community section…Facebook became that on its own.  I also noticed that it’s super easy for me to reply to the first 10-12 comments on each post.  That’s right after I’ve published, and I’m still there…it’s easy for me to thank you guys, or to answer any specific questions.  As a matter of fact, specific questions I try to answer no matter what–and I can do it much faster than I can answer all my emails.  After a while, though, I’m up and away from the computer, taking care of Ava and working on a project of some kind.  Long story short: I want to answer ANY question you have for me…your best bet is to leave a comment or post something on our Facebook page.  I’m hoping I can get to more of your questions all the time this way!  And if I don’t…just keep asking.

Here’s where I want your input.  This blog will continue to be what it is…just plain old me.  BUT, I want to also hear from you–What are your favorite posts, your favorite things I write about?  Do you love a good before & after, a room makeover, furniture makeovers…furniture how-to’s?  Do you want to see some more videos?  Do you love the reflections section? Just tell me anything you’ve loved and anything you’d love to see.  Be gentle with me, now.  I told you I’m kind of emotional during the holidays.  What would you love to be able to come here and find?  I truly hope you flood the comments–because there are some things in the works, and I want each and every bit of advice I can get from you.

You guys are still my favorites, after all.

Here’s to an amazing new year–for growth, balance, purpose.

For dream chasing.

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