When I first began running any ads on the blog, I felt a little funny about it.

Most of us that either purposefully or accidentally turn our blogs into a business run into this strange feeling.

For me, it was such a happy accident.  When the time came to decide about ads, eventually, despite my first “what should I do” feelings, I knew that I was meant to be doing this……

Blogging, I mean.

I just love it…love you guys, love writing, love design. LOVE IT ALL.

And I began to think about other people…other creatives who are meant to be doing what they do.  People who are SO very talented, and whose talent deserves to be shared with the world.

That’s why I have sponsor spots on my blog.  I pray that any opportunities I happily (and undeservedly) run across always benefit all of those folks.

So, to my current amazing sponsors, thank you for everything.  You help make it possible for me to blog every day, to spend time here with all of these awesome folks.  Plus, you all REALLY ROCK.  You’re super talented, brilliant, way-pavers.

I love that about you.

Because those guys are so important to me, and because I know there are other people/companies/small businesses/Etsy owners/sites that I’ll come across in the future, me and my right hand web-guy, Tony, have set up a cool new system for folks interested in advertising here at perfectly imperfect.

Now, anyone can create their own ad by adding their button and paying right here from this place.

No waiting, invoicing, etc….you just upload your button and pay right then and there.  Done…your ad runs 30 days.  Tony is also working on adding auto-renewal and longer run times, etc.  So easy-peasy.

There’s also now 3 larger ad spots for those folks who need a little extra wiggle room.

Anyway, just wanted you guys to be on the up and up with the new swanky technology I cannot possibly comprehend.


Hoping you’re having an amazing Tuesday!!


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