Well, folks.

I didn’t just drop off the face of this planet.


I’ve been at Disney for the holiday weekend, enjoying some time with my sweet family. After receiving our good news on Gray last week, we needed a little celebration and family fun.

I’ll upload some pics later, but I just wanted to stop in and say hi.


I haven’t forgotten you, I promise.  Many computer/wifi errors, ridiculously long days, and 4 blisters on my right foot later, I’m headed home.

I’ll do my best to answer emails, write a couple of posts, schedule some guest posts, and re-pack.  I’ve gotta hop on a plane with my husband tomorrow afternoon.

And yes, I’m still in Orlando.

I can’t wait to share more…pics of where we’ve been and some of where we’re headed.

It’s gonna be one crazy week.


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