Hey friends!

I missed you today, and missed you this weekend.

Something has been weighing on my mind.  Well, a couple of things.

Everything is okay now, but we’ve had some things going on around here the last couple of weeks, and I’m tired.

You ever feel that kind of tired?  Sure you do.  We all do.

It was a good day today, though.  I had some great test results come back today.  A little scare, but this mama’s good.

Mama’s little man is also having some trouble.  His hands and feet have started falling asleep lately…quite a bit.  His neuro exam last week checked out great…so praise God for that!  We were trying other things this week, and he’s still having the episodes.  We’ll talk with his doctor tomorrow to find out what our next step is.

I’m sure he’s fine, but, of course, we’re ready to know.  I have been blessed these last few weeks…with such a peace.  This time has reminded me of how little control we have.  We’re just along for a journey….and I ask you say a prayer for my little man’s journey.  I’ll keep you guys updated.


So, today, when we went to out of town to my appointment, it sunk in for the first time that something could be really wrong with me. (It’s not–remember?)  I finally felt a little unsure, and thought how cruddy it really would be.  By the time I got the final ok from my second test, I was emotionally exhausted.

Then, I let myself think about my little boy.  And I was completely drained.

So, my sweet husband did what any good man would do.  He called his boss and asked if he could take his wife out.

We caught an late breakfast and an early movie.  And it was my bright idea to go see The Help.

Because I wanted to laugh.

Laugh I did, but bawl I did more.

But I kissed my husband a lot today.  I looked up at blue skies and felt the warm sun on my face.  And it was a good day.

Until I got a flat tire.

What’s that thing about turning lemons into lemonade?


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