Well, friends, I’m on the way home. And I still have one…Troy and lower Alabama weren’t damaged, but we made a trip to Huntsville this weekend…for my cousin’s wedding.

So while our homes weren’t damaged, we saw firsthand this weekend some of the destruction the April 27 storms caused. My family and I drove through in silence as we saw destroyed home after destroyed home. My dad made a comment that struck me deeply: “there’s a lot of funerals happening today. A lot of grief.”

We prayed that night together, matt and I, and we ate by candlelight at the rehearsal dinner…and were thinking of how blessed we were to share a meal.

We will continue to pray for all those who lost homes and so much more…and will join in efforts here as soon as we return from Honduras. Please let us know if you know someone affected by the damage and we will do whatever we can to help them. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Sending love and prayers out to all…

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