Happy Friday, friends!

Seems like a good day to announce a winner, don’t you think?

The winner of the Red Letter Words giveaway is #133, Mandi from While Sipping My Chai!  Email me at shaunna@harristire.com and I’ll put you in touch with Dee.  Thanks again to Dee for such a WONDERFUL giveaway!

Friday also seemed like a great day to share a peek at the transformation that’s happening through most of our house, starting with the kitchen.

It’s not a huge change, I’ll give you that, but it was time to unify our upstairs to the downstairs…and all the rooms in between.

I’ve been craving a blank slate, and that means a little less warm on the walls.


And while I loved the color, it was time for a change. (p.s. i don’t even know the name of this paint color…it was what we chose when we built 8 years ago and I think it went something like this: Developer: “Which paint do you want for the living areas and kitchen?”  Me–2 seconds later–: “Um, this one’ll be good.”)

And after my crazy trip to Atlanta, while I should have been resting my toes and laying on the couch, I got the whim to start painting.


I chose one of my all-time favorite whites, Benjamin Moore’s White Diamond.  It’s soft and cool…and has a good bit of gray in it, another one of my favorites.



I loved that immediately everything in the room looked crisper and garnered more attention.  And putting the touches of gray in…well, that was just the bee’s knees.

Obviously, this is not so styled…this is actually mid-paint, and I straightened up enough to justify a photo for you guys.  And for those of you who have made comment before, yes, we have stuff on our counter tops.  And usually WAY more than this, for that matter. Thanks for making me feel like that’s normal and ok.  I’m glad I don’t have to throw away all my kitchen utensils.

And we have a can opener hanging from our cabinets.  That’s how we minimalists roll in this house.



Just another peek at one of those baskets you saw me hauling out of Ikea…

but that room’s not ready for a major photo shoot.


Have a happy weekend, friends.