It seems as if baring my soul to you guys comes naturally these days.

Some time ago, I told you about our work in Honduras.

I shared with you about the people, their poverty, and yet, their filled hearts.

Matt has been to Honduras 12 times in his life and we now lead groups whenever we can to build houses there. (check out video below)

It now feels more important than ever to me to provide not only a house, but a home.  I’m trying to think of ways to do that this year…maybe painting art work on simple paper, painting a wall, etc.??


My passion for the people there was instantaneous, and I am delighted to know that one day you’ll read about our adoption journey there.

I wanted to talk about another journey today, though.

I met Amber Foster a few years ago on my second trip to Honduras.   She moved there and has been working and loving the people there for years.

This is her family now, Darwin and little Rosie.  I honestly sometimes don’t think the world is able comprehend someone like Amber.  She lives not for herself, and is continually pouring out for others.

Her work in Tegucigalpa, Honduras involves much labor, and she is beautifully invested in serving the community there.

So much so that she began Breaking Chains Ministry, a ministry to feed and encourage the homeless of the capital city.
We’ll get to see Amber again this year when we take a group of 25 college students over in May.  And we’ll get to help with Breaking Chains.

Here’s where I need your help.  Amber asked me to come up with a craft for the homeless men, women, and children to participate in.  She has no idea how special that is to me…before we talked she had no idea that I was passionate about creating.

But if there’s one thing I’m more passionate about, it’s people.  And being able to give to them in that way….I can’t really even describe the excitement I feel.

Praying it will be as much a blessing to them as I’m sure it will be to me.

So, I guess I’m asking for help.  You guys are who I create with.  If I can’t ask your advice, whose can I ask?

What would you do??  She says they’ll love painting canvas boards…but I also want to think on it a bit.  To make sure I’m extending them joy.


So, it just got me thinking.

What if all of our crafty community got involved in this?  In something bigger than ourselves.  And blessed others with our gifts.

What if we all sent supplies or you helped me with ideas? Or we sent simple paper paintings for them.

Sent them a physical proof that someone loves them. Someone is reaching out.

If we all sent one thing, we could probably fill a whole shipping container.

You game?

It will be amazing to see so many from all over come together for one purpose.

Creating on a mission.

Creating to Bless.

There are so many ways you can get involved with the work at Breaking Chains and in Honduras.  Please leave me a comment with your ideas, or if you’d like to get involved in any way.  Please pass this along to your blogs if you think this could be as big as I do.

I’d love to spread a whole bunch of the joy you all give me to another piece of the world.

Thanks for listening,


P.S. If you want to find out more about Amber’s journey in Honduras, you can follow her blog here and find her on Facebook here.

****NOTE: the crafts will be for the homeless we’ll get to feed at Breaking Chains, so send me any ideas that would be appropriate for them. 🙂
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