I wanted to thank you guys from my inner being for all your sweet comments and prayers for my dad.  It means SO very much and definitely has given me a second wind of resilience.
He is doing a bit better tonight.  As a matter of a fact, I’m catching some TV with him because he was moved to the cardiac unit and out of critical care.  The doctors believe his heart is trying to get back to rhythm, and that will end the chance of a stroke or heart attack.
It’s been quite a waiting game.
For now, though, things are looking up and I’m so thankful for that.
I got a few questions on the open shelving in the kitchen yesterday and I thought while I’d talk with you guys while I watch The Biggest Loser.
Where did you get your canisters on the counter?
JC Penney!  My mom got them for me several years ago.  I’m a huge fan of chrome/silver metallics, as you know, and I love that these hold so much.


What is the name of the Vintage Pyrex pattern?
I honestly have no idea.  If you know, holla back.



What kind of baskets are those?
I got them at Ikea…Byholma Collection.  I’ve got my eye on the big trunk and the chairs, too.
What kind of greenery is in the basket?
Some more Ikea, y’all!  I really do love their small potted greenery….they all look so fresh, modern, and almost live.


Did you patch holes in the cabinet frames?
Not yet.  We will use some spackle  (is that how you spell that?) to fill because it will dry white and we will only have to lightly touch up with paint.
But, to be honest, the holes aren’t large and they’re not buggin’ me just yet.


Where did you get the dishes textured dishes?
I picked up these rattan chargers at Target five or six years ago.  I use them all over the house!


Where did you get the cute little turquoise dishes?
Those come from the Tuscan Collection at Willow House.  Those are the Tuscan Tidbits and Saucers….love them!


There you have it.  Your most asked questions….and a hello from me and the fam.
Still coming to you from the hospital, but we’re peering around from the bright side today.


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