Well, it’s actually been a couple of days.
It really is crunch time around here with the book (Lauren was here until midnight last night and will be here soon) and we just keep having family emergencies.
My sweet cousin-in-law, Charlie, went yesterday for a stress test and came out with a heart cath and stint.  His artery was 100% blocked; he’s only 44.
I’m so thankful he’s okay, and will be coming home today.  Keep him in mind, will you?
I realized that I had not posted these lamps, and they got a new look a looong time ago.
The dogs, Briggs and Bella, will be starring alongside them in this post.


I regret to inform that I have absolutely lost the before shot.
I have no idea how.  I have 3 million folders in iPhoto.
Just imagine, if you will, a yellowed ivory dry brushed with nasty gold flecks.
They were bad.
Trust me.


(Note: we have a hardware thief in the house.  She, at 19 months, has already perfected the art of removing handles and knobs and hiding them to be found no more.)
They are perfect on the sideboard and help define the space of the living room.  I’ve found it’s so important to space plan…especially in such an open floor plan.
To detract from the leafy pattern (and keep it from looking too theme-ish), I wanted them to look like carved stone.


I primed them Kilz Original Spray, painted them with Krylon’s Bright White in Satin, and glazed them with Sherwin Williams Tintable Glaze in Gibraltor (a really beautiful gray).
To achieve more of a stone finish, dab a nubby wash cloth into the glaze as you’re wiping off.  This will leave texture marks that a damp towel will not.


You guys are always asking me about that adorable #2 pillow, so I snapped a shot of it while I shooting.  It’s even difficult to see that Gray and Ava’s names are scripted subtly across the 2.  I LOVE it!


It came from my talented and sweet friend, Lisa.  Check out Shop24 over there in the sidebar…she’s been one of my sponsors since the beginning and has added lots of new items in her shop!


I really love the look of both lamps on the sideboard, which I’ve decided to keep, by the way.  It feels like a cozy wall around the living room.


And we’ve gotta keep this pirate and his princess corralled however we can.



I’ll have you know that the label pull has now been located and the thief apprehended.


Briggs was the eyes and ears of the operation.
He’s on top of it.


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