After a week like the last one, it would be quite simple for a driven person like me to get swept up in the business of blogging.  To think day and night of improvements, readership, efficiency.And while I wish to make this place your favorite spot on the web, more than anything, I wish to tell a story.

To write to you the letters of my life.
Like these letters I’ve been reading between Miss Anne and someone named Larry.

My life is an open book of sorts, now that I’ve committed to share it with you.  
Beyond the projects around the house (and don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with the one coming your way tomorrow), it occurs to me that those of us who blog have chosen to tell a story, whether we realized it or not.

Consider this my 327th letter, then.
Today, the gift of this blog seems like it’s wrapped up tight for me to tear into…and really, a gift to the world is its real purpose.
We now have this incredible ability to connect with the people all over the world, to see them, be inspired by them.
To tell them our story.

To write them the letters of our life.
“Dear Friends,
Today, I feel full.  I’m thrilled at where we’ve been and where we’re going around here.  I’m ready to share more of myself, to tell more of my story.  I hope that I can hear more of yours. The future feels bright to me.”
I hope you’ll check out this video of The Sartorialist…it speaks to the visual life, and honestly, it’s just flat-out cool.
And if you’re up for it, share something with me that I don’t know about your story.

Signing off for today,

P.S. It occurs to me that a lot of you love vintage letters (as I do), so please feel free to grab these images if you’d like.  I only ask if they’re published you please give credit and link. Happy Printing!

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