People that visit our home on a daily or weekly basis would not categorize us as “neat.”  We do not have a house keeper, and I often find myself barely getting everyone taught, fed, changed, and myself showered and dressed, let alone spending the day organizing the pantry staples.
I’m totally fine with that.  Although I do not stress myself over picking up every toy I see, we are actually pretty clean, and surfaces are squeaky even if there’s a mess on top.
Frustrating, but so it is with small children…this includes Matt.
HOWEVER, we are not completely unorganized, sloppy, and wading through our mess.
Except today….and probably all of next week.  It’s my annual purge of all the closets/drawers/cabinets/toys/etc. time of year.  
And this year seems to be worse.

Part of it was simply adding more stuff with another child.  Our attic renovation seriously amped our garage mess (which now is strikingly close to resembling Sanford and Son’s place).  We also may have shoved things into closets when Layla and Kevin came to shoot the house for Cottages and Bungalow’s.  
So…it’s time.  Time to pull it all out, so it can be put back in the right way.  
And while I can’t get the white walls out of my mind (and I think, yay, it’s happening!), I physically need to get more organized, to rid myself of this mess first.
Can’t tell enough from the pictures?  Check out the video below.  
Just keepin’ it real.

Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow with it all finished.  
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