and a few to go.
Over the weekend, we tackled this mess


And when I say “we,” these three were pretty much zero help.
But that’s okay.
With just a little organization, I got it put back together pretty quickly.


It’s not California Closets beautiful, but we are talking about a toddler here.
The point for me was not perfection or even beauty, but that everything had a spot.


Again, I may not straighten every single day, but if there is a specific spot for everything you own, then well, it has a spot.


And every girl needs a specific spot for her tutus, right?
On a side note, you guys know from my Lenox china boxes to metallic storage in the playroom that I’m a fan of free and cute storage.  It is especially easy to repurpose cute storage for your kids.  Look no further than boxes their little clutter comes packaged in.  The black and white polka dot box was a little gift package of socks, and the pastel polka dots was a clothes gift box I got before having Grayson.  Those are too cute to throw away…re-use them!


Back to the tutus, how adorable is it they’re so fashionable now?  As you can see, we love a tutu around here.  We’ve actually only bought one, and were given the rest by friends and family…but I’m sort of smitten with them.  Especially now that they’re hanging all color-coordinated and orderly.


These were the only purchase we made (back in the fall) for Ava’s closet…I think they were around $9.99 a piece.  These really are perfect for her room, because of course they hold her shoes, but they also create some toy storage.  She has very little in her room, and legos and a box of My Little Pony pieces reside happily in the bins.


And again, not gorgeous…but toys have to go somewhere, right?
Our little girl is a bit obsessed with necklaces, so she has a few at her fingertips now.


I can’t believe this little one


is slowly becoming a big girl.
As for the rest of her room, I thought I’d show you that after it receives a big girl sprucing.  She officially climbed out of her crib, so we’re already in the toddler bed and doing pretty well.
What projects are you tackling this new year?
Speaking of the new year, you know I thank you from the bottom of my heart for 2010 (because I’ve only told you a billion times), and I did want to take the time to thank my top referring blogs.
I love all of these ladies so much, and am thankful to be inspired by them!  And for those of you who have become my friends, I love you to death…thank you for all that you are and for sharing it with others!
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