Here’s the funny thing.
You write about telling your story, and it seems as though my mind and heart were preparing for sharing another chapter.
In short, because I just can’t communicate clearly right now…my dad is in the hospital right now.  He came in thinking he was having another heart attack, but it turned out to be internal bleeding.  Last night it seemed as though the bleeding had stopped, so that was a good thing.
Today, though, some complications have arisen.  Basically his heart is being affected by all the trauma to his body and blood levels.  We are waiting to see how things even out after medications, and possible transfusions.
If you would send some prayers our way, man, that would be incredible.  I’m so thankful for some of the good reports, but there are just so many complications.  I’m hopeful, and faith-full, but you know, a girl’s still scared to watch her dad go through all of this.
Because I need a distraction, and because I am soooo pleased with how they turned out, I wanted to show you my little kitchen update.
I decided to get to work the day after I got back from Blissdom.
Am I unpacked?
I’ve been dying to change up the kitchen, to make it feel more cottage and more custom.  Knowing that it’s getting a fresh wash of white soon, I knew it was time to break up the wall of white cabinetry.
So on Saturday night, when I should have been unpacking, I began taking cabinet doors down.
Is it just me or do ya hear angels singing?
I LOVE it like I love freshly-baked bread.
I mean, long sweaty hours of cardio-so I can eat it-love it.


It was all a matter of organization.  And eliminating excess.
The bottom cabinets now house a lot of the not-so-cute essentials.  The beauty of a kitchen, though, is art is in the functionality.
The shapes, color, and textures in your dishes, cookware, and tools are all you need for decor.  Throw in some lovely fabrics and you’re good to go.


I stuck to a mostly white and silver metallic palette to keep it clean, but threw in the aqua and a touch of green I’ve introduced into our kitchen.


The baskets are holding some of the “blah,” like plastic cups and some measuring bowls.
(Baskets, Byholma collection, Ikea)



I really love being able to see our everyday items within arm’s reach.  It just feels right.


The only purchase was this set of three vintage Pyrex bowls for $18.  Got ’em with my girls in Nashville. I’m on the hunt for the sister bowls (tee, hee) that are aqua with white etching.  I’m coming for yours, Ashley.


Everything else was already owned.  It just all relevant now, available, celebrated.
For lack of a better word, it’s pretty.


And it’s tying in beautifully with the other changes we’ve gradually made to take our kitchen from commonplace to cottage….the painted door still makes my morning.
There you have it.
Open shelving and some life stuff.
I’m not gonna lie, pretty much anything you had to say would make me breath easier.
Hope y’all such a wonderful Monday!
I’ll be in touch as soon as I can…