While I’m busy working on some projects around the house and for clients, my sweet cousin, Eden, has been busy herself.

She just started her own boutique, La Bella Vita (The Beautiful Life) here in town and I thought I’d take you on a mini-tour for some eye candy.

If you’ll excuse the over-exposed photo, here’s the cuteness herself.

And here’s the clowns…Eden’s brother, Ethan, Matt, and Jeremy, Eden’s husband.

The shop is bright, fun, and trendy…pretty much Eden.  🙂
I’ll let the rest speak for itself….

I’m pretty sure the kids were mostly concerned with the lemonade and the veggie pizza.  And their Nana, of course.

And this made me think of you…

Fun, right??
I’m sure if you like something, Eden will have it at your doorstep soon.
You can Like La Bella Vita’s Facebook page to see more items and get the scoop on sales and specials!
Speaking of busy….we’ve started school back around here, and on a personal (and mommy teacher) note, Gray sounded out and read his first word today!  We’re not talking a memorized book page.  We’re talking saw it on a random sign, made the sounds, and put it together.  
Sorry, I’m being too much of a proud mommy right now.  It’s kind of this big thing, though.  Teaching him to read….it’s pretty exhilarating.
Just think about it…without this passion for the written word, I wouldn’t have met you guys.  
Here’s to all the words that make our day today,

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