our new Calligraphy Print sheets from Pottery Barn.  Thank you, mom and dad!!

this super-cool Willow House clock.

This $6 catch-all basket for our ottoman/coffee table.  And my fuzzy slippers.  And my spotted pj pants.

This awesome crate I scored from Hobby Lobby for 9 bucks.
And nutella on toast this morning.

And this?  This was one of my favorite Christmas gifts.  You recognize it?
It’s made by the lovely Lisa Leonard.  Have you checked out her new site?  You can find her blog there, too.  

I fell in love with her “Brave Love” necklace and the story behind it.  I bought my mom, friend, and grandmother one this year…and I got one in return.  It’s truly intricate and lovely and such a treasure to me as it keeps those most important to me one glance in the mirror away.
I know you don’t know me, Lisa, but your work is gorgeous, one of a kind, and incredibly meaningful.  What an inspiration you are!
And just because I’m constantly playing with the camera and The Pioneer Woman’s photoshop actions….

I grabbed “The Blue Sky Book” recently for $3 and it’s definitely one of my new favorites.
What did you receive this year that’s pulling at your heart?

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