Well, it’s here.
I’m totally flying by the seat of my pants, and driving up with Layla and Ashley on Tuesday.
My main question is….
Are any of you guys going to be there?
I would SO love to meet you!
Wonder what I look like (and what two outfits I’ve tried on and photographed of myself)?
note: if you photograph yourself, be sure to publish a very bad iphone pic
I’ve lately embraced the skinny jean.
I’m not so sure they’ve embraced me.

But mine are stretchy.
And that I can do.
Plus, I get to wear flat boots and look all trendy, but I’m really just comfy and toasty warm and grateful for the elastic waistband.
So, what about you?
You going?
Plans?  Dinner? Wanna Netflix a movie?
Because I’m quite sure that I’ll spend equal time just vegging out in my toddler-free room.
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