I’m always, always thrilled and a little sad a couple days before Christmas.
It’s so much fun to anticipate the Christmas fun, and so sad to see it go by so quickly.
Speaking of wrapping up the Season, let’s talk gift wrap, shall we?
Because you’re still wrapping, right?
Please tell me I’m not alone.
Here are some of my tips–this can apply next year, since as of this point we’re all probably scrambling.


Embrace the mess.  I mean, really.  Gift wrapping is messy…just set you up a station of mess.  That way it’s all in one place, you won’t have to pull something out every single time you need it.  And along that line, set it all up in the family room, or the kitchen, or wherever your family is…enjoy them while you’re stuck rolling, cutting, and taping.  It’ll make it more fun, I promise.
(is it strange that I actually LOVE to wrap presents??)


Pick a few ribbons and paper choices.  Just like in everyday life, I do like to mix textures and styles.


Get all your tags cut out before you begin.  No fun to cut out a new tag for every present.  The colorful tags I made with my cricut and the others


you can download here from Jones Design Company,


and at The Sweetest Occasion.  Awesome ladies, right??


If you’re not a bow queen (like me), don’t sweat it.  A simple knot with pretty wired ribbon looks beautiful, especially on small gifts.



For goodness sakes, it’s okay to throw in some fun and whimsical paper in there for your kids.  They just don’t get the Ballard Designs Document Brown.  If you’re super elegant with your wrapping, you can always just throw in a couple of “pops of color.”
(that’s Matt’s favorite home decor slogan I use 🙂


Mixing papers is okay.  I usually can’t stick to two papers….or even three.  I’m in love with gift wrap, so this year I did limit myself to 4.  One elegant script, one more earthy, a pretty red scroll, and the fun red/robin’s egg blue deer.


I’ve wrapped a lot in my more neutral papers, and thrown those bright reds in smaller doses.  A healthy balance of understated and fun.


Don’t spend a ton of money on ribbon.  Pick one you love and get a roll or two.  Use it on a few gifts, showcasing its beauty.


Let everything else be runners-up.  Awesome runners-up, but runners-up nonetheless.
Have I told you how much I love tulle???


See, it’s just fine to mix it up.


Maybe one year I’ll do the whole solid color, all-satin ribbon thing.


But it’ll have to be when my house doesn’t look like this.  When Mr. Potato Head doesn’t dethrone my coffee table decor.
As a matter of fact, it’s way more important to enjoy that than the satin ribbon.
Happy wrapping, and Merry, Merry Christmas!
I’m out until after the Holiday’s…being seeing you soon, friends!

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