in the morning or after naptime when they’re super cuddly,

the giggles they get from “this little piggy,”

those rare times when sharing seems easy,

when they smile for photos, 
(man, i love this one)

the moments they sleep soundly in the bed beside me,
(these are usually rare and often accompany a serious virus, so I dislike these moments as well)

when they just seem to get it.  they’ll surprise you and do something so kind, so generous.
(which is usually followed by a week of tantrums.)

oh, the storytime.  story reading, story telling, teaching them to read…sooo sweet.

dressing them up in their cute little clothes…or watching them run in their diapers all day.
But even better are the moments when no one else is watching, the day-in, day-out of living their joy and seeing them change.
when they say, “wuv you” or “I love you, Mommy. You’re my bestest friend.”
(or when they say this morning….”Mommy, pleeease help me find it.  Daddy’s a builder, he can’t help me find things!”)

They’re not always captured in the most beautiful photography, but that’s not the point.  Sometimes they just sneak up on you and become this little person…it’s amazing.

when you get to marvel at the sweet pieces that make them whole.
These are moments that matter, that lift me up.
At least that’s what I’m telling myself when we’re up all night with little ones coughing.
Here’s to keeping it real and to the moments in your life.

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