This year has brought about so many changes for us as a family, and for me on a personal and business level.  A huge part of that has been the starting of this blog, which I shared with you the other day.

And this guy, well, he pretty much blew me away this last year.  All of his support and encouragement has been incredible–so I’m going to try to forget the scary skull face tee he’s wearing in this photo.
He topped it all off with a big surprise for me this Christmas…a new camera and a few fun attachments to go alongside it.
Note: these pictures have zero relevance, just wanted to show you some of the goods.  With no editing. 🙂
It seems fitting that it’s time for a new look around here on the ol’ bloggity blog.
Changes are in the works, and I want you to be a part of it.  Some things I envision…
  • archive categories: before and after, crafts, home makeovers (some more to come this spring!!), photography, etc.  Maybe even a new family/parenting section.
  • an updated section of faq’s and restoration projects (we’re slacking a bit on updating the last few months)
  • working on some graphics and new logos
  • separate commerce section for the e-book (which is being re-shot with the brand spankin’ new camera)
  • video tutorial section for refinishing techniques…all shot in HD

Don’t worry, not everything will change.  I love the overall clean feel, it’s just time to tidy up a bit.  
So here’s where you come in.
I want to know what you’d like to see.  In regards to organization, the look, posting…you guys are what it’s all about!  What do you want to see on the site/what do you want to read about?
And if you know any awesome site designers I should be working with, please do tell!
There are also FOUR spots remaining for January advertising.  Email me to get more information.  I’m sooo looking forward to finding wonderful businesses and products for you guys to check out!
I’m so excited to see where we end up here at Perfectly Imperfect…it’s certainly been a crazy ride this first year and I’m thrilled to keep on trucking.
I can’t wait, actually.

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