Hey there.
It’s me, Marco.
I am still here, I promise.
No need for you to wade through any pool yelling my name.

Just wanted you to know I realize I said the Christmas Challenge winner would be announced today, but I’ve been hanging with some kids in their pj’s.
No, not really.  Not all day, at least.  We’ve had a million things to do, Christmas parties to attend, haircuts to get.  Before I knew it, 7pm was knocking on my door.
On top of all that, two teenagers at one of our local high schools were killed this week in a car accident.  We live in a small town, and we pretty much know or know of everyone.  I physically cannot imagine losing my babies at Christmas time.  Tonight I spent time with my best friend, Jenny, who happens to be their teacher.  
One thing led to another, and it’s now 10 pm.  I’m emotionally drained, and aching for these families (the two sweet girls were cousins) during the holidays.  Sometimes i just stop, look around, and feel the weight of the world.  The hurt and trials people face…it seems like sometimes they reach out and slap me in the comfortable heart.
No witty post tonight…just an outpouring for these families, my friend, their friends, and a thankfulness of all that I have to hold this Christmas and always.
And I’ll be back tomorrow with the Challenge winner.

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