I normally don’t make a list.
For this, anyway.
But, since time seems to be flying while I am slowly getting in gear for the Holiday’s, it’s time for a list.
Christmas is pretty much my favorite time of the year, and now that I’m older and spend less time with my extended family, it’s even more precious.

Plus, there is other precious to be thankful for.

So here’s the list.
Stuff to do this Christmas.
1.  put up the tree
(because now that I finally can put up our tree, I CANNOT find the 3 screws that hold that beast in place)
2.  bring out some of the fun, not so stylish decor that my kids will love
3.  write Santa our letters
4.  bake goodies for our friends and neighbors
5. finish this crazy 3 week gym program I’m on so I can bake cookies with my kids.  
lots of cookies.
6.  watch Elf
7.  make reindeer food
8.  finish the shopping
9.  kiss my kids way more than they’ll tolerate, and cuddle with my husband more than usual
10.  maybe, just maybe, print and send Christmas cards out
11.  make some apple cider
12.  organize Cookies for a Cause, a new family service project I’m SO excited about
13.  wrap, wrap, wrap
14.  read Twas the Night Before Christmas 20 more times
(or recite it–i’ve been able to since I was four!:)
15.  giggle hysterically as I watch my brother and husband put together the kid’s play kitchen-because we did buy it.  We’ve got a big building project coming after Christmas and our hands needed a break.
16.  shop with my mom
17.  make beignets on Christmas morning
18. watch The Family Stone, The Holiday, It’s a Wonderful Life and every other Christmas movie I can the week of the 25th.
19.  probably get in an argument with my grandad
20.  enjoy the extra gleam in Grayson’s eyes
21.  wake up to my babies squealing, my brother grumbling, my husband smiling, my mom looking way too beautiful for 6 am, and my dad in a Santa suit.
Every Christmas morning.
See you later for the Christmas Challenge!!
And Merry Christmas!!

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