We are mad decorating around here.
I mean mad.
Like mama said knock you out, mad.
He he, I’m not gangsta at all, am I??
We finally put out our wreaths yesterday, and the lady and I got started on the tree.
Which lady, you say?

That one, of course.

She really is into it all.
Especially pulling ALL ornaments off the tree she can get her hands on.
Don’t worry, you should see the tree (and the rest of our decor) before the week’s out, but in the meantime, here is a simple holiday tablescape I pulled together yesterday.

I normally go all out on the tables, and they are piled full of stuff.  Doing that didn’t make much sense when we are only a week and a half away from Christmas.  

I do have two sets of Christmas dishes, and I love pulling them out during the holiday’s.  This year was no exception.  I swore I wouldn’t decorate the tables at all, but when I should have been finishing the tree yesterday, I did this.

I love the pop of white on the black table, and the play of the rattan chargers and the bling from the napkin rings and ornament centerpiece.  The simplicity of the ornaments piled haphazardly on a white platter is rocking it for me.

I threw the stocking up for a little detail and texture.
It’s certainly the most simple I’ve ever put together, but this week Kristin convinced me that simple is sometimes better.
And the tree?

Well, it’s almost finished.

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