It seems I’ve been busy feeling yucky, and doing little else.
But…I have gotten the energy to finish a couple of those crafty projects I told you about the other day.
While collecting bits and pieces for a local handmade fair in the spring, I’m running across some fun finds.
I picked up this sweet caddy last week.  I actually like the look of the original wood, but it did feel really dated.  There’s vintage that can transfer to many homes, and there’s vintage that only a few will appreciate.

with a little spray paint, I gave it a fresh feel.

After you read about my love for books, you can imagine how much I love this piece.

I primed it, painted it with Krylon’s Bright White Satin, and slightly distressed it. “Storybooks” is painted with a blue acrylic. 

I’m really diggin it in the playroom, so while I have thoughts of selling it in my little boutique or here, I really do love it right there on the kid’s gossip bench.
We’ll see where it ends up.
Come back tomorrow for Style Feature Saturday and an awesome handmade Christmas gift…for under 10 bucks!

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