I read this quote about happiness recently and I have no idea exactly how it goes or who to credit it to, but it struck me as a simple Truth.
“We spend so much time pursuing happiness, chasing it…when all along we should realize it is simply a choice.”
I think we agree.
Recently I’ve been in a bit of a situation where I’m confused half the time, questioning myself too much, wondering if I do enough…..yada yada.
And you know the problem with that?
We begin to become embittered with that which we place on ourselves.
My life is not something that happens to me.
It has purpose, meaning.
And it will be my choice to be happy, whether I feel up to that or not.
Do you know what I mean?  
Anyway, happiness enveloped me this week, and while my family can be the source of my crazy, they are also my therapy….they feed my soul.
Enough with the heavy, you wanna see a crazy gift wrapping idea?

It may not appear strange, but do you know what it is?
This is no ordinary hat box,  bought half-off at your local craft store.
It’s a hoop cheese box, I tell you.
And absolutely free from a local store.

You know what I’m talking about?  Those huge hoops of cheese come in these sturdy, planked boxes of awesomeness.
My sweet husband saw these piled up outside a local grocer and asked if he could have a couple.
And he arranged to pick up more…like 200 more.
See what I mean about family being my therapy??

You’re gonna see a lot of tulle ribbon around here, guys.  I’m not a fancy bow maker, but more than that, I love the way it looks….and that I can re-fluff it all 12 days of Christmas.
I had grand plans of candy cane striping on the box and some sprigs of fresh greenery tucked into the tulle, but no time for that.  We celebrate Christmas a little early with Matt’s family after Thanksgiving, and I am running like mad to get things done…no, I mean, I was.
I am.
You know me by now.

I’ve also vowed this year to buy NO MORE GIFT TAGS until I run out of paper/stickers/embellishments.
After finally giving in to digital scrap-booking, I have TOO many supplies left over, and am gradually working my way through them.  
For these simple tags, I simply used my Cricut to cut out tags (SO handy!) in a brown card stock, and added stickers to each one.
Simple, cute, cheap.
Which seems to be my theme these days.
Speaking of simple and cute, I’m listening to Matt and Grayson build a ginormous (love you, Buddy the Elf) lego airplane, so I think I’ll go join them.
We’re still with family, so we’ll skip SFS today, and I’m not going to put guilt on myself for it.
Maybe only a little.
**This post was written for the family that lifted me up this week, and the family I’m missing at home–I love you all so very much and appreciate you more than you know.**
See you Monday (or Tuesday if I follow my typical pattern) to reveal one of my Christmas mantels!!
HAPPY Holidays to you and yours!!

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