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On to some randomness for the day…
We are toying with the idea of getting the kids a play kitchen for Christmas.  I LOVE me some pretend play, and that with their imaginations, they can play easily by themselves. 
I know Ava’s only 16 months, but she already brushes her baby doll’s hair, so why not?  Plus, Grayson loves to cook (and have tea…but don’t tell my dad) as much as anything.
Of course, we love this retro version from Pottery Barn…
Mainly, I love that it comes with the sink and cabinet underneath….and that it’s vintage and pink.   Let’s be honest, I want it to look good in that playroom. 🙂  It also seems to have the most storage of any that we’ve checked out.

There’s also this Kid Kraft version, and it’s less expensive, so that might work.

we could build our own.
If you can believe this, I vote build.
Matt votes buy.
But he does have a point.  The kitchen above from the Crafting Chicks is GORGEOUS, but the cost does add up to about 120 bucks…20 less than the kidkraft.
And the KidKraft usually goes on sale for $99 sometime near Christmas.
What to do???
I love the idea of personalizing, of course, but I might get too out of hand and put too much money into the details at the end…fabric, hardware, sink, etc.
Plus, we are going to build them a trestle table/desk with chairs and storage sometime soon (a knock off from Land of Nod), and we have been building everything lately.
What’s your vote?
Build or buy?
I want ALL your suggestions!
I even toyed around with the idea of letting you guys decide with a poll.  But I’m not sure if I’m in type B Shaunna today, or type A.
But….let me have it, then.
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