This post is a bit like talking to me in person.  
Whole lot of talking.  Kinda random.
Definitely rambling.
It’s how I talk to my friends if it makes you feel any better.
So I got an early Christmas present from Matt today.
He got me a Mac!! 
Even though I’m into all the artsy things of the world as of late, I certainly wasn’t planning on getting one.  It was time for a new laptop for me (as he takes mine all the time for work–it might technically be his), but again, wasn’t prepared for a mac.
And it came with photoshop!
Except I can’t use it.
Because it’s too hard.
Don’t you worry; I will figure it out.
On another note, I took a bit of time to go junking with Lauren on Saturday.  And somehow we talked Matt into keeping all 3 kids.
As was this beauty at $7.50.  It was priced at $50, and I asked the owner if she could do a little better.  We found another similar, but smaller, chandy priced at ten bucks.  I’m not sure if God Himself was smiling on me or she was just having a crazy kind moment, but she said, I’ll give you either of them for $7.50.
I should’ve gotten both.  I will probably have to go back for it.  
I can totally see it a chalky gray with some blackish antiquing on those details.  Maybe a little metallic…maybe a wash over the black.  We’ll see where she takes me.
I can’t decide if I’ll rewire it or turn it into a candelabra.  Any thoughts?
I’m also really feeling the pressure of my whole 3 mantel biz.
What was I thinking?
I would love to show you all three by the time Layla has her mantel party, but I’m not sure that’s gonna happen.  Too much sweet potato casserole to make, too much laundry to do, too many miles to drive this week.
But you never know.  I’ve got one mostly down, photographing it tomorrow, and maybe I can get one more done before we leave on Wednesday.
What have you got going on for the week?
Anybody want me to share a yummy (and easy) sweet potato casserole?
Very Paula Deen and SO very Southern.
  If you guys ask, I’ll take some pics while I’m working tomorrow.
Happy Baking, I mean, Thanksgiving!

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