So, my lovely friends, I’m SO sorry you simply haven’t heard from me the last few days!  If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve been hearing me complain about my photo storage. 
Bought some new, it won’t show up.
You know the drill with technology.  Ups and downs.
Oh, well, we’re gonna work through it, I promise.
I’m also enjoying a week with some friends in Maryland and got to take a mini-tour of Washington D.C. today.
Busy, busy.
Had to stop in, though, and let you know what’s going on at my friend Layla’s Lettered Cottage…
Remember that side table that I wasn’t selling, but I wasn’t keeping either?
That’s because I sent it over to Layla at The Lettered Cottage to give it away!
Head over here to enter for your chance to win!
On another quick note, I’m preparing lots of tutorials and guest posts for the upcoming holidays.  Drop me a line at
if you are interested in contributing some Christmas cheer!
Y’all have such a wonderful night and let’s all say a tiny (because it’s only worth that much) prayer that I’ll get some storage upgrade going on in this place!

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