I know, another post about Maryland.  I cannot help it…it was SO picturesque, so pleasant, so charming.
See for yourself.
While walking in downtown Annapolis, I just kept snapping shots like I was a member of the paparazzi.
My friend Lisa stopped in front of this little boutique, and I knew it was going to be a good one!

Oliver’s Buy-Sell-Trade, located on Maryland Ave. in Annapolis, Maryland, adds to the breath of fresh air that is the picturesque harbor town.  Just look at that adorable window display!

The boutique (a boutique consignment shop!!) hosts vintage and newer clothing alike, but you can just tell it’s hand-picked by the owner.  Speaking of Kelly, there she is, looking all casual and adorable and completely her.  And I don’t even know her.  Her shop just seems to exude her style and I love that.

A slide?  What’s that you say?  Yep.  That’s because Oliver’s was named after Kelly’s son who used to hang with her all day at the store (in his beautiful crib Lisa tells me)…how awesome!  I can definitely relate to hanging with the toddlers while conducting a little business.  🙂

SO much fun!  At Oliver’s you can buy, sell your gently worn goodies, and trade!  If you’re local you should definitely check them out!

Any boutique that boasts a disco ball and a pair of antique wingbacks is definitely cool in my book.

See what I mean?
I really wanted to shop, but I honestly couldn’t stop thinking of telling you guys about Kelly’s Oliver’s and snapping pictures.

Some eye candy, eh?  I just love celebrating successes of other women…especially when it’s a fab, vintage inspired consignment boutique!
Like I said, locals (or near local), head on over to Oliver’s to Buy, Sell, or Trade!  You can find them on Facebook, too!
Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for Style Feature Saturday!  I’ve got some traveling next week, so I’ll post my favorites sometime on Sunday! I hope you can link up this weekend!
See you in the morning.

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