I’ve got a treat for you guys today!!  I can’t wait for you to meet Ashley from Pure + Lovely!  She literally lives right up the road from me, and we are a bit like long lost pals.  She paints furniture (and she names it, no less–i’ve been known to do this), stays at home with her kiddos, and is working through one room/project at a time in her home (which is drop. dead. gorgeous. btw).  She’s also a talented designer and has her own Etsy shop! Like I said.  Awesome.
It’s so very cool to meet someone who shares the same interests and passions as I do, and we’ve got some exciting things coming up.  One, in particular, I think you’re going to flip over!  I know I am!  So without further adoration, meet Ashley…

How long have you been doing what you
That’s a good question. I started blogging after my first son was born, as an outlet for writing. {And venting.} Writing has always been a passion of mine…as has venting. I majored in art & graphic design in college, but found that when I moved, the opportunities were a bit scarce in that town we were in. I soon discovered a way to start expressing myself, even though I had several nice life “interruptions” in between. (babies!-They are my sweet blessings.) So, I guess you could say I finally started back full force last February. It’s all kind of started coming together and it’s exciting to see where all this leads. That is, when I’m not up to my eyeballs in dirty diapers and laundry. Ah the ever-precarious balancing act of a mother.
Where are you
Montgomery, Alabama…oh so close to
Tell us a little about your family.I have been married to my husband, Jamin (the other half of pure + lovely) for eight years. We were college sweethearts and met in Auburn. We have three children, Aiden: 5, Emerson: 2.5, and Malone: 15 months. Alongside our first child, Chloe (the family dog we adopted from the local shelter when we first moved here.) They all keep us crazy busy…
What’s your favorite piece you’ve done? Oooo. That’s a tough one to call. If I had to pick…I’d say it’s a draw. Sorry. So much of a draw that I kept Scarlett (the light grey one) but sold Evelyn (dark grey) as there was just no room for her. My house would be the Samford and son of pieces if I let it. Sometimes, its hard to let them go!


Pretty please show us some of your favorite spaces in your own home? Sure! These are just a few of the projects I like to ramble about on my blog. Feel free to take more of a peek there!

What inspires you? Everything. {ha!} I feel like I read, sleep, eat, drink…design. Soaking it up is what I love to do…but…my children. It sounds generic, but they do. Their world does. Flea markets and color. Photography. Fashion. Beautiful Interiors. Unusual combinations of texture and materials. Fabrics. Paintings. Magazines and Book covers. Shoes. Well written pieces. Anthropologie window displays. Other artists and their work.
Ideal vacay: Italy, please. I’ve never been, but I’m thinking with the art, shoes, and food…it’s a win. In the meantime, I’ll take the good ole beach any day of the week.
Fave color: I’m sure you can guess. Blue. Nearly any shade of it. And grey. It’s growing on me. {Ask me next year, and it’ll be puce.}
Fave song: This one changes all of the time, but my newest guilty pleasure on my workout mix : Enrique Iglesias. Does that make me a dork? I alternate that with the soundtrack from Camp Rock 2. Okay. Just pretend I never answered that one. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it… I also love Owl City, Cold Play and Sara Bareilles. {The usual suspects.}
Can we see some of your other work? Certainly! I do furniture and house staging locally, but I also have an etsy store online, where I do custom art…just about anything from handmade frames, large typography, oil paintings and illustrations.
What’s a secret fact not many people know about you? Once, while working at Disney World during college, someone tried to recruit me to be Cinderella.{Apparently my height and face can be likened to that of a cartoon character?} I turned them down because Jamin and I had just broken up, and the rest is history. (I came home. We got back together. Cheesy but true.)

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to go out on their own in the design world?Always be gracious. Be kind. Be generous. Be THANKFUL. Because you never know what doors will open by being genuine to others. People can see that. And be PATIENT. Cherish where you are at the moment. The rest will work itself out.
~Thank you, Shaunna, for the fun post! You are one super talented chick, and I can’t wait to work with you on our upcoming projects-stay tuned! It’s gonna be fuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn!

Thank you for sharing , Ashley!! Isn’t she the greatest?? I’m so excited to have made such a cool and talented friend!  You can head over to her blog to read my interview over there!
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