**NOTE: THIS WAS WRITTEN YESTERDAY-you’ll see why that’s important**
Oh, Blogger, you and I are not friends today. 
I don’t think I’m a fair weather friend, but you tend to bring out the worst in me.
We had a little chat over our first cup of coffee this morning.  You seemed on board.  Let’s write that post on the DIY storage in the playroom. 
“Yeah,” you said, “You’ve been doing a lot of room re-do’s lately; go for something different.”
I loved your idea.  I got super excited and felt really crafty while writing it out in my head.  You helped me pick out the perfect pictures, and again, I got that tingly feeling while waiting to publish.
But you, you changed your mind. 
Why do you insist on behaving like a girl in 8th grade??  (And I know, because I was one and taught 8th grade girls)  You should make up your mind, already.
Plus, you let me think it was my computer all day, and I continually berated her (because she is a “she” and you are most definitely a boy), only to try and try again tonight…
to find out you were still on the fence.
And I’m just asking.
I’m just saying, please.
Please, please, please,
(somehow, even in my frustration, i love you still… because it’s the next morning, and with my first cup of coffee, here I sit)

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