Hey!  I’m Ann Marie from Twice Lovely.  I’m a fellow furniture beautifier who met Shaunna in the blogosphere.  Since Shaunna is both away from home and not feeling well, I’m filling in for her today and picking the favorites from this past weeks Style Feature Saturday!  Everyone, join me in praying for a miraculous cure to Shaunna’s stomach troubles.  Hope you feel better, dearie!So, on to the wonderful projects that were linked up this past weekend!  There were so many great ones, but Shaunna suggested I pick 5, so here goes…

Andrea from A Dash of Parsley linked up this fantastically detailed little writing desk and chair that she worked her magic on. 
Now I’ve tried my hand at a touch of reupholstery, and it is NOT easy, so I’d like to give a big WHOOP WHOOP to Julie over at Inspired by You, who tackled this gorgeously tufted chair and executed it tremendously down to the cording and tacks.  Way to go!
One of my favorite parts of furniture upcycling is saving things that are headed for the landfill and making them not only usable again, but fantastic and chic, and that’s just what Nicole of Home for Hire did with a sad little desk.  Loved the dark stained plank top.  Loved the subtle turquoise paint.  Loved the vintage pulls.  So cute!!
We could all take a lesson from Melanie over at The Frosted Gardner at how to look past a piece of furniture’s garish, outdated, or darn right ugly cosmetic flaws and see the potential in what the piece could become.  Once she stripped this hutch of the 80’s froo-froo and superfluous embellishments, painted it a fresh white and added new pulls, it looks like a completely different piece of furniture.  It could be right out of a Pottery Barn catalog!  Great job, Melanie!!
I know I may be partial to the furniture redos, but this one was just too good to pass up!  🙂  And I know I have passed up a billion of these perpetual calendars at thrifts stores and such, and now I wish I hadn’t!!  Over at The Thrifty Tickle, they took a sad calendar that took a time-warp from 1985 and made it totally current and modern with a type-face font and the black and white damask!  There’s even a little picture frame you can change out!  Genius!  I want one!!  🙂
And there was this beaut…  Oh wait, that’s mine.  🙂
Thanks to Shaunna for letting me pick the faves this week, and I really, really wish her a speedy recovery.  Hugs Shaunna!

Thanks, Anne Marie, for doing this for me!!  I’ll have this Style Feature Saturday up and running tonight or tomorrow morning.  I’m headed home today!
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