One of the best parts of my blogging experience has been getting to know you guys.  Finding out what makes you tick, what inspires you, what makes you you. 
But…I also love finding out those random things about you that are funny, quirky, or again, inspirational.
Here are some things you may not know about me…some funny, some sweet, some accomplishments, but mostly random.

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1982.  Clearly, in this picture, I am full of joy.
In highschool, I loved basketball…such a passion of mine…and I was on the Alabama state All-Star Team my senior year.
My class totally shocked me with voting me these in Senior Who’s Who…Best Dressed (oh if they could see me now–in my pj’s), Most Athletic, Most School Spirit (i kind of painted my face at games), Best All Around (what does that mean, anyway?), and Class Favorite.
One of my favorite memories in college was having tea with my friends.  Real, high tea at this little place called Gracie’s Tea Room.  It was this adorable, old home on Mulberry street…we’d have scones, lemon curd, Darjeeling, and we got to wear great hats…except I always got the really weird ones.  Sort of snow gear here.
I hate mayonnaise.  HATE IT.
Like the sideways pic?  In college, after Matt and I had been dating 2 weeks, we were in a pretty serious accident.  He was hurt badly internally and the engine came in on top of me.  My femur was broken and my foot was crushed.  Matt was literally my hero and pulled me from the car!  I was in a wheelchair for 5 months and walked with a limp for a couple of years.  Still run pretty funny. 🙂  And I still have a 14 inch steel titanium rod in my leg…sometimes I forget! (and no, I don’t sound off alarms at the airport)  We are so blessed and grateful…the experience really did solidify our bond very quickly and we’ve never looked back to life before each other.
We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon.  I didn’t want to leave.  Ever.
I’ve always had serious body issues.  Probably wasted most of my younger life thinking I was overweight.  And even now, 20 pounds heavier, it could be worse.  I think I’m talking to myself now.
Our clubs in college put on these shows every spring, complete with costumes, makeup (even for the guys), and jazz hands.  Here with my two best friends, Ashley and Carol Leah.  LOVE them!!
I had only changed one diaper before having Grayson and really had no idea what I was doing.  I just knew I immediately loved him with such intensity and couldn’t wait to have him home with me.  That, and my mom lived with us on and off for 2 months.
I am allergic to grass.  Really.  Like, anaphalaxis (really bad swelling of the lungs and I’m not sure that’s how you spell that) allergic.
We’re total goofballs.  This is us at supper one night on one of our mission trips to Honduras.  Leaders of the trip.  🙂
One of my biggest pet peeves is gossip.  I really, really despise preying on my perceptions of others…and putting them down to make myself feel better.  I’m not saying I’m perfect, but man, that’s one I hate.
We would really love to adopt one day.  I don’t know when, but I just know we will.
I’m pretty much obsessed with all things Christmas.  I forget I’ve never shared a Christmas with you guys!  You’ll see.  I spent 3 full days making all these homemade cookies last year and fully intend on it again.  I just need to line up my chiropractor appointment early.
I work out with a personal trainer 2 times a week.  This baby weight has literally taken possession of my body this time.  What’s the deal there?  Baby one: decide to lose weight, excercise and eat healthy for 2 1/2 months, done.  Baby 2: begin working out at 7 weeks and we’re still not finished!
I love my family fiercely–not just my little family, but my whole extended family.  I feel so blessed to have been raised with all of them, and to have spent the time I have with my dad’s family.  I hope they know that…I want what’s best for each of them and they are constantly in my thoughts and in my prayers:
I pretty much have the greatest parents I could have ever asked for.  They are amazing and I am SO very blessed to have them.
I loved my time in direct sales with Southern Living (now Willow House).  I made so many friends (love you, Carol!), learned so much about myself and how to push for the things I want–how to not let life pass you by.  I’ll forever be greatful for the trips, the knowledge, the encouragement, and the community with fellow women–much like what we have here.
Plus, I got to see their product showcases and I learned so much about styling containers and products…so much fun!!
I have been “tot” schooling Grayson for over a year now.  We are in the transition to pre-school and it’s overwhelming, to say the least.  I’m praying for guidance daily and am really excited to see where all this leads.
We’re pretty much doers.  We like to go, go, go.  We want our family to see, to experience, to learn, to enjoy what the world has to offer…as much as we can.  At the same time, we’re total homebodies.  🙂
One year in elementary school, I played some snake dance song on the piano for the school’s talent show…in front of ALL grades.  Worst moment ever.  (Mom, why did you let me do that???)
I’m a total tourist.  And I’m proud of it, too.  I want to do all the tours, all the rides, all the places to see.  Even the boring ones.  Fill up my calendar, please.  (I think I’ll be visiting DC for the first time….anything I can’t miss??)
I literally get giddy when I think about writing a post.  Sometimes Matt sees me smiling to myself and he’ll say, “you thinking about your blog?” 
Yep, I sure am.

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