I won not one, but TWO items on Ebay!!!   I’ve never won anything!
2 Pottery Barn Bamboo buckle pillow covers in ivory…for $15!!!  What??? I never, ever get deals like that! 
And this is discontinued, but I think it will add some texture to the room….a PB Candlewick queen duvet cover in white.  Not the best picture, but I think it will be a great piece to use as a quilt at the foot of the bed or if my plan (of winning another duvet 🙂 fails, it will be the main event.
What’s all this for??  Well, a little because I got paid and got very excited, but mainly because I need a project to work on.  One I can do all by myself….because Matt left this morning for an international trip and will be gone for 17 days.  Don’t worry, I’ll be okay.  I’ve got family staying with us constantly and we’ll keep busy (I say with a tear rolling down my cheek).
Soooo, matt gave me the green light to transform the guest room.  I’ll get some photos up very soon for you.  We painted it about a year and a half ago, and were never really satisfied with the color, and it will be the perfect distraction for me.  Plus, I get to drive you all crazy! 
Speaking of renovations, thank you all for your SWEET comments about the bath reveal!!  How kind of you!  I loved it, but I had no idea you would all love it so.  Thanks for brightening my day!
Now that I’m finished with the KD project, I’ve got a little time to shop for treasures again.  Here’s my latest find…
How gorgeous is this piece??  Thanks, Linda, for selling it to me!  I promise to let you know when it’s finished.  Isn’t it great?  It’s in fabulous shape and I can’t wait to see if I can sand that top down pretty easily…I see a grey stain in its future, and, wait…
maybe a color on the bottom??  A chalky blue with a brown stain on top??  Could it be that I show you some color?
What do you think?  I want votes, girls.  What color should this desk go??  Original hardware is staying…I mean, look at it!  And like I said, I really want to stain that top grey….really earthy and smoky.
Can’t wait to hear what you think!!

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