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I wanted to give you a little peek of the KD house.  Elizabeth and Stephanie invited me to come take some pictures on bid day this weekend…and for the big reveal of their remodel!

Fifteen (and the sixteenth on the way) furniture transformations, and a new look courtesy of Stephanie and Elizabeth, and now it looks like this…
Much lighter, right?  I snapped a few pictures amongst the cheerful group of girls and alum, ducking out of the way when I could.  I definitely want to go back for shots of the other room.
I was fortunate enough to refinish most of the furniture you see in these pictures.
Elegant little side table in dove grey with the original mahoganey top….I loved adding that clean and modern hardware.  It sits comfortably between two of the six chairs I refinished in Sherwin Williams’ White Diamond.  They are subtly distressed…and let me tell you, painting those things was tedious!
When I realized there was no removing any of the upholstery…so seat cushion…and knew they were saving the original, i knew it was going to be tricky.  I knew spraying would obviously be quicker, but the question was how long it took to cover the upholstery and securely tape it all off.
I hand painted the first chair, no taping…1 hour and 20 minutes.  I taped off and covered a chair….52 minutes.  Taping it was….but boy, was that the least fun thing ever!
However….they look great and I loved seeing the finished results!
Here’s a fuzzy shot of the faux wood mirror, the one I gave a tutorial on.  I can’t wait to get back there and get a better shot of that beauty!!
Another last minute addition to the job was this little pub table and bar stools.  The stools got a chalky white with heavy-edged distressing, and the table got a faux zinc treatment.  This table came from Walmart!!  My friend, Lauren, was not too sure about this table.  It had to go bright metallic silver before it got aged.  I think she may have been doubting me, but hopefully I won her over.
I LOVE IT!  I’m amazed at what a little paint can do.
The rest and the details coming to a screen near you…soon!
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