I’m in a funk.
I’ll come out of it soon…like I guess, tomorrow. 
I’ll get creative, get painting.

My four (and yes, mom, I know you’re there in this one:) has been three for a while now. 
And even as I say all this I realize I don’t understand real loss or separation, so please know there’s no drama here.
I just miss my person.
Because he is my person now.  I look to him for so much encouragement, partnering, support, laughter, affirmation.
To help me raise these little ones.
Let me just say that these two notice their daddy is not home. While we’re really doing great, and keeping busy with family visiting, we all notice. Ava walks through the house yelling, “daddy,” as if just saying it will bring him home sooner.  Grayson is a little sad…and taking full advantage of using daddy’s spot in the bed to sleep with me.
I don’t mind at all.

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