I’ve been on the lookout for some bedroom inspiration lately, as I’m redoing our guest room as I showed you earlier today.  Aw, some of you were so sweet to compliment the room as is…that was before we decorated it and put anything in it.  I won’t leave it at that, I promise! 
I don’t mean to be a fickle girl, but it seems that the whole house has gotten some sort of flip or another lately.  I am in a blue phase…blue grays, aquas, turquoise…as long as there are gray undertones to them and they’re in the right spot….I can’t get enough!  I guess it’s just human nature to want something new, or I thought we were resistant to change?
Obviously, I’m catching on quickly to the “re” in redecorating.  But, I don’t really want to apologize for that.  I’ve always known that my home is a haven for my family…a place of rest.  I want to help create that kind of space for my husband, my children. 
So, the guest room was next.  Mainly because of the red….go back and check it out.  We had always wanted a red room, but it was too much.  From the first day we painted it, we just didn’t feel settled on it.  Plus, poor Matt got sold the semi-gloss finish and it was shinyyyy.  The room gets a ton of sun and it was bright in that smaller space.  I had the bedding since late in college, and I think it’s hung around long enough.  Kind of literal safari.  Same thing in the bath.  That was the thing when we got married, so you better believe we had some animal print…only again, literal and not so artistic and subtle.
I had a picture in my mind, but surfing House of Turquoise today sharpened all those fuzzy lines and gave me a clear direction to head in.  Better to show you than try to explain.
I want a calm and serene room for my guests, similar to the writing room, just maybe a bit more color.
I debated…white bedding, gray walls?  Grey bedding, white walls?  After lots of inspiration seeking, I decided I ultimately wanted to be able to change the look up easily…so…white bedding.  Plus, I decided I wanted a color similar to the one you see in a lot of these photos.  The one that my bath in the writing room almost was….Valspar’s Misty Surf….a blue-green with grey undertones.
Love how the whole room could look differently with new pillows and a rug.
Throwing in a little glam never hurt anybody.
Love this one…this is the color palette I’m going for.  Lots of light, white, flax, a wash of turquoise, and some hints of darker contrast as well.  I also love this light fixture…a little unexpected touch of cottage.
It also seems that every room I’m drawn to includes a sunburst mirror.  Hmmm…
If I only had the space!  How gorgeous is that???  I love the mix of the rustic wall planks, the french furnishings, and the whimsy of painted and naturally bleached furniture…a new favorite of mine!
Since we don’t have a headboard, I’ve really been on the hunt for something unexpected….
This would be ideal, but it is going to take some time to find something quite this fabulous for the right price.  I thought about shutters, and I DO LOVE THEM, but again…wanted something a little different.
Maybe something like this?  Definitely unusual, but maybe a little easier to come by.
Can you tell I’ve already got something up my sleeves?