Morning, my girls! (and you fabulous male readers out there)
Could you guys be any cooler?  The response and encouragement you’ve given me about my e-book has been phenomenal!  You are all SO kind and supportive and it makes me even more excited!  I’m still creating an email list for up to date news on that, so go here or my facebook page to send me your email if you want to be included!  Plus, I’m taking any questions into consideration to give you some serious disclosure on any technique you want to know about. I’m writing my little heart out (and LOVING it), so there may be a little sneak peek coming this week for that email list!  Yay!
Until then, more of the awesome KD project I worked on for the month of July.
Just had to remind you of how beautiful their project turned out!  I was so thankful to be a part of such a transformation.
After I dropped off the first load of eight pieces, Stephanie and I bounced some ideas around about some other pieces they already had.  One such set was this little pub table and stools in basic black from Walmart.  They were going to get rid of it, and I just, you know, suggested we should paint it.  Is there another option?
I had already started priming when i snapped a before (oh, my poor garage turned paint studio)…


I used a couple of different techniques than I have before and I was pleased with the way it came out.  You can see there I brushed on oil-based kilz rather than using my go-to spray.
Here’s step two….this is when I lost my friend, Lauren.  I could just see her eyes glazing over, “Yeah, it’s going to be great.”  Laughing out loud, I promised her to hang in there….
This is the other room they redecorated…where the other room is sophisticated and classic, this is so fun and youthful!  And this is where the little pub table was headed.
Very cool Ikea fixtures!
And here it is….so retro and a totally different look than I have done before.  Kind of like modern soda shoppe.
The zinc would have been too much for the table and chairs, so I did them in a really flat, chalky white and distressed the edges and seats.  The whole room had this green, white and metallic vibe and I think the new table blends well now.
A little close-up of the finish now…
Alright, so what do you think?  Be gentle with me today because I got an awesome comment on the bathroom I added to HGTV’s Rate My Space. “Isn’t that too much in the morning?  Shouldn’t you add some pink or lavendar?”
What????  I know I put it out there for the world, but I just forget sometimes that some people are just waiting to be asked for their opinions. 🙂 (And I might be a bit resistant…but I’m not sure)
Hey, if pink and lavendar work for you….I say go for it.  But I’ll probably stick with grey and white.
Y’all have a good one….I’m headed to pick up the MOST gorgeous two pieces I’ve worked with!  Aaaahhh!  I actually might be keeping one.
Or both.
We’ll see.
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