I shared a picture of these cool tables on facebook last week….

aren’t they incredible??  I say “they” because I’ve got a pair!  They are a found object for Perfectly Imperfect Restoration….haven’t had to touch them.
Looking at them this morning, I decided I would wax them again, to moisturize the wood and continue to protect their beautiful, aged patina.  They appear to have an aged gray finish, with plenty of wood peeking through.
They are SO unique!  I’m actually having quite a hard time getting rid of them!  Don’t they look great in the writing room?  Oh well, they’ll have to be a conversation piece in one of your homes.
Look at that wood!  I wish I knew the story behind these guys…for sure lovingly handmade by some old soul.  They are definitely vintage, but I’m guessing antiques by looking at the wood underneath the tabletops.
These are solid and sturdy, so I’ll happily ship them as well.  I want to give you guys and my facebook and twitter peeps the scoop before I list them on my etsy shop and website.
The pair of these will be listed on my website under “Purchasing Gallery later today!”  Pricing and measurements can be found there.  As always, contact me if you’re interested or for a free shipping quote!
If you’re local, feel free to schedule an appointment to swing by and see them.
Gotta go figure out how to fill a completely blank wall in the guest room.
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