Alright ladies, here’s the thing.
I’m down at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville this week, and I kept telling myself I would have time to select some favorites from Style Feature Saturday, but needless, to say, time is slipping away and I’m not feeling too hot.
So I’m not too mysterious, I’ve had some stomach trouble the last 5 years or so and have been down here 3 other times.  Such a lovely place, but you know, I really do get to know the docs on a level that is a tad uncomfortable for me. 🙂
So…now that you know where I am and what I’m doing, please be patient with me…thanks so much to everyone who brought a project to share!  I believe I’ve visited everybody (as of this morning), but I don’t think I can write a super long post.  Sorry!
One quick note…I’ve gotten lots of questions about the writing room bath, but this one stands out the most.  “What about that mirror?”  I found it at our local antiques store and painted it to have a worn, metallic patina…check out the tutorial here if you’d like.
Hope to be back in full force soon!

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