For this week anyway.
It seems like when I started my little business, I had full intentions of mostly painting pieces I found and purchased to resell, like this french provencal…. 
waiting for its makeover.  But I’ve been too busy painting clients’ pieces the last 3 months.  I love working with a client to pick a design and feel for the piece, and I really love it when they say, “just whatever you think looks good, I trust you.”
When Stephanie and Elizabeth contacted me to refinish some pieces for their rehaul of the Troy University KD house, I was so excited!  To be involved in part of a redesign is just too much fun–I’m hoping they’ll let me take some pics when it’s all finished.
Here’s the before….they’re headed toward a natural and white scheme, with lovely burlap drapes and the faintest green on the wall…sounds right up my alley. 
They have been so kind, letting me go with my insticts with their pieces….that’s so freeing and it makes the creative process much more fun.
Like this barley twist pedestal table (gorgeous!)
is being stripped down to the bare wood to be left all natural…maybe a little topcoat. I have run into some snags; it’s got a good bit of water damage underneath…just a lot of shading and darker stains.  I think I’ll give bleaching a try to see if it helps.  If not, we’ll dry-brush whitewash it just to cover some of that damage.  Either way it will be so rustic and natural…going to be beautiful!
I’m also doing these two monster pieces….I went through 8 sanding blocks distressing all these details and sanding in between coats!
I was actually a little worried painting such new furniture (i mean maybe a few years old), because taking an older piece to brand new is not as difficult as “new to brand new.”
This is definitely my favorite of the two….
and it’s turning out just fine, I think…
I’m also refinishing the six chairs you see in the “before” shot of the room.  They are upholstered….no removing seat cushions, etc.  So, it’s either tape and pin in for 3 hours or paint them all by hand.  Ahhhh…..I really don’t know what would be better.  I guess for starters I could quit putting it off and tape one off and give it a whirl.
Okay, on to a bit of business.  Since the last 3 months have kept me busy working on client orders and refinishing their furniture, I think I’ve realized I am going to have to come up with a limit, and/or schedule for how many clients I take per month.  That way I can work through my insane pile in the garage and the barn.
I’m all booked through July, and I think I’ll only be taking a couple of clients per month (this is only in reference to people who want me to paint existing furniture of their own).  I’ve spoken with a few people about their pieces, but we’ve not nailed a time frame down.  If you know you’ve got something you’d like refinished, let me know so I can get you on the “master list.”  Makes me sound powerful.  He he.
Thanks so much for sticking with me on this journey; I love being able to share it with you.  Thanks to ALL OF YOU who made such kind and flattering comments on the daybed…it was a labor of love for us and we were so excited to have it complete. I’m working on visting to each back to see what you’ve been up to!
 Oh, and sorry about saturday shout out, but yesterday turned into saturday slave-away around here.  But, boy, oh boy, do I have the projects to show you.  And one involves some driftwood as art.  Very soon, I promise.  You ever just have one of those killer productive days??  It was a blast!  And we had both kids here…and we spent time with them!  God definitely multiplied our time yesterday, or something very miraculous or something like that.