You never realize how addicted you are to blogging until you don’t have the internet for a few days.
I think I was twitching.
Not only could I not post, but I couldn’t read all of your fabulous blogs!  I was craving inspiration!
Whew.  Luckily, this addict is back home and reveling in hearing the click of these keys.
Ok…’s strange for me to post a piece before it’s completely finished, but I promised to take you through the process (albeit drawn-out).
Here is the sideboard/dresser/large piece of lovliness behind my sofa right now….
As you know from the video post, I was going to glaze it grey after painting, but honestly, I loved the simple white.  I lightly distressed it with sandpaper and my index…finger, that is.  Just enough to bring out the lovely detailing…especially those apothecary-style drawers.
I think it’s stunning.  I hope that’s okay….I just find myself looking at it constantly.  It fits perfectly behind our newly slipcovered sofa.

The main hold-up is the hardware.  What you see (other than the two ring pulls in the top center drawer) are the originals.  And I do like them.  But…
I originally wanted some big ring pulls on the two big doors (that house lovely pull-out drawers…toys, here we come).  But the more I looked at the doors, I knew I wanted something chunkier to ground all those feminine details on the drawers. 
And I’m in a bit of love with mixing natural and wood tones with white and metallics lately….so, no more dark hardware for this one.  These beautiful library pulls are on the way….
Aren’t they gorgeous??  They’re from Lee Valley.  I just could not quit imagining them on the sideboard…..a match made.
It was actually hard to get an accurate shot of the color of the stained top.  In these photos, it looks a bit more walnut…but it’s really a faded ebony.  Like I said in the video, it really does look like a piece of driftwood that washed ashore.  I’ve sealed it once, and don’t even know if I’ll do it again…I love that more rustic finish.
And although, I love the dark hardware contrasting with the white, I love the idea of the drawer detailing showing up more. 
The original knobs are just too heavy.  You see I’m testing out others to match the library pulls.  I think we’re going with top right….I like that it’s there, but I see the piece, not the hardware on top of the piece.  It’s just like accessorizing ourselves…
We don’t want our jewelry to be what people are staring at….we want them to stare at us!  Hardware is an accessory….it should be beautiful, yes.  But it should highlight the piece of furniture, not the other way around.
I think Briggs likes it there.  One more pillow for his little head.  Can’t wait to show you which hardware I choose….and if you’ve seen any dainty pewter ring pulls like the ones on the middle drawer up top, please let me know.  I can’t find any anywhere.  I love the shape of the ones I have, and I hate to paint brand new hardware.  But….I wouldn’t put it past myself.
After the video post, I got several more questions about which exact sprayer I have.  I copied this from Wagner’s site and also updated the FAQ page
….It’s the Wagner Power Painter Max with Optimus…..

The Wagner Power Painter Max with Optimus Dual Tip Technology is a hand held sprayer designed for the home owner to speed up painting projects up to 3 times as fast as a brush. It uses high speed piston pump technology in conjunction with the tungsten carbide Optimus Dual Tip to provide a professional fan shaped pattern preferred for achieving the best, most even finish. Material can be sprayed from either the 1.5 quart cup or the 6 foot remote suction tube to draw directly from the can for larger projects.

Great for shutters, lattice, sheds, fences, garages, decks and houses. Sets up in less than 5 minutes and cleans up in less than 10 minutes.

Key Features
Electronic 4-speed control for spraying large surfaces and detail work such as trim

Optimus Dual Tip Technology provides even coverage, less overspray and more control

1.5 quart cup

Draw directly from cup or can with 6 foot remote suction tube

Backpack for maximum mobility

7.2 GPH(gallons per hour)

Hope that helps!! 

Alright, girls, I’m off to get started on some BIG projects this week…well, this whole month.  And….I’m trying to get our furniture linky party off and running soon!
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