I LIVE in Alabama.
I in no way in my post this morning was “digging” at Alabama.  I said, “i didn’t feel like I was in Alabama.”  It didn’t.  I never knew there was a winery 100 miles north of me….it didn’t feel real.  Vacationing in a castle in Alabama didn’t feel real.  It was wonderful…but felt unreal to me.  I loved every minute….just like I love every minute of my life here in Alabama.
That’s all.  Whoever anonymously commented, I am sorry you felt that way and I hate you don’t know me better….I would never be so careless and ugly.  I am sorry if it came across the wrong way.  I in no way was trying to attack my own state and am also very protective of it.  If you have read my blog enough, you would know I talk about my southern accent, love my life here,  and “hey y’all” frequently.  I did delete your comment because honestly, it hurt my feelings and made me really sad. 
Let me say one last thing.  If ever anyone has a problem with something on this blog, please confront me through email in a kind way.  I would never anonymously lash out at you, and I would appreciate the same kindness.  That’s the trouble with technology…with email, blogging, texting….you cannot hear a person speak.  No one could hear the way I was gently laughing and smiling to myself because I was tickled and surprised.  You couldn’t see my face when I found that beautiful winery.  Please do not assume the worst of me…I would not of you. 
Thank you for reading and for loving our state, though!
Thanks so much and y’all have a wonderful Tuesday!
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