Just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on around here.
Now that I’ve gotten my poor daughter semi-well (strep throat, roseola, and now a yeast infection-from the antibiotics no less), I’ve gotten back into work mode.  I’m working on a dining suite for a client (hey Ashley!) and let me say, I’m so excited about the lines of this furniture.
I’ve also done some coffee tables for her, and am thrilled to be working with her on this larger project.
This is just a shot of the rough prime.  But seeing the potential and knowing in my mind how they’re going to turn out got me snapping already.  The table legs and 6 chairs will be painted white and detail brought out with a brown glaze.  After some debate, I’m stripping the tabletop and restaining in a dark walnut.  At first glance it looked like there was a laminate veneer.  There was so much varnish on top I couldn’t quite tell if it was solid wood or a laminate.  We went for it and after sanding just a bit….solid it is!  I’m very excited to get this one finished….so I can show Ashley and you guys! 
On to other projects….
During all of poor Ava’s sickness, Matt has literally been coming in for a few minutes and then up to the attic to work.  Just so you know, no one  has snapped around here once or twice or twenty times.  No one is in desparate need of a date with her hubby and some coffee with friends.  Or by myself.  Either way.
But….all that to say, I’m extremely proud of all he’s accomplished and I know our family will love this space in the years to come.
Here’s what he’s been up to in the theater:
This is the star field on the ceiling he made with fiber-optics.  I mean, I’m sorry, is that supposed to be one word?  I know nothing about fancy-schmancy technology.  But you know the twinkly stars overhead…he made his own!  I’ve asked him to “guest” post and give you guys the tutorial in case your husband’s feel the need to see more of the stars. 🙂  I haven’t taken a shot of them on and after the trim was stained, but they look wonderful.
He and one of our friends from Orlando, Parks, built the screen and set up the audio and projector.  (Let me interject that while we’ve not handmade everything for the rooms upstairs, we have definitely bargain shopped and he found a great projector and speakers for a steal!)  So this is the view from the seats. 
So after melting down several times because of over-exposure to constant crying (I am a good mommy, I promise), Matt convinced me to stay up late until they finished so we could test it all out. 
We are HUGE movie fans–our movie theater is literally in our backyard.  And remember, small town, so there’s only one. 🙂  So as tired as I was, I wanted to see it working the first time.
And here I am,  tucked in a corner, probably typing away to you guys.  It appears that I’m a little grumpy or extremely focused.  Maybe both.
It’s not the clearest picture, but you can get the idea:
We watched Avatar.  Actually, they watched Avatar.  I watched twenty minutes, and 1 hour and 50 minutes the next night, and on the next, I watched the whole movie over again. 🙂  It was incredible….the movie and the experience.  I imagine our kids bringing friends over and family movie nights…Grayson is a fan of these already.  We have a rule…he must cuddle with one of us.  Well, two rules.  And we have to actually watch the (family appropriate and uplifting) movie.  No computers or phones or magazines or project lists.  It’s something Matt has always wanted and I’m so thankful he will get to enjoy it….he works so very hard and I hope the room can be a retreat for him.
And here’s what’s going on in my room:
It’s been painted (you can see the tiniest bit of the bathroom grey if you look closely on the left) and Matt is working away laying the floor.  We got it at a floor liquidation center–it was also being discontinued and was clearanced for less than $2 a square foot. 
 I had white floors in my head since the beginning of the design process for the room.  The only problem with that is specialty white wood floors are pretty pricey and hard to come by.  We also thought about laying pine down and painting them white.  I wanted them to be more washed than painted, and in the end for durability and budget, we found these laminate planks you see in the picture.  I love them! And I really like the wood tone peeking through.  They look almost grey/white…which, of course, I love.  And I know it’s hard to tell from the picture because there is no contrasting color, but that white wall/ceiling plank color is a beauty. It’s got soft grey undertones and it feels light and clean, but not bright.   I’ll get back to you on the color because at the moment I’ve forgotten.  I have finally inhaled too many paint fumes. 🙂
 Originally, I was supposed to help Matt lay them, but again, someone had to take care of the poor baby!  Thank you, honey, for all your hard work…they look beautiful!
Do you guys want a tutorial on how to lay them?  I’m not sure if that’s something everyone knows how to do…..tell me what you think?
Have a wonderful Friday and don’t forget to enter the chandelier giveaway!
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