Since I’m up to my elbows in big projects for clients (with nothing totally finished), I decided I would show you a bit of our home today. 
I know, I know.  I’ve been avoiding it.  You have mostly no idea what it looks like.  But, to be fair, we have been COVERED in furniture heading upstairs. 
 And I mean covered. 
Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about….this is all the pieces of furniture (including our living room pieces) that have been residing in our entry/living room for the last 3 months:
sofa (very oversized, btw), chair and a half, ottoman, coffee table, 2 end tables, storage trunk, storage basket, child’s antique sears desk, plantation chair, another coffee table, Matt’s recliner, 2 theater seats (4 seats total–basically like a leather sectional covering up our window wall), Darla, my writing desk (which is essentially a table), the aqua dresser, our sofa table, an elliptical trainer, and ALL the kid gear….right now I’m seeing a walker, 2 squishy chairs, 1 more grown up boy chair, a trampoline, 2 toy storage baskets, a playmat, etc.
So it’s shocking that I’ve not been taking pictures around here.
there is light at the end of the tunnel!  When Debbie came to get my sofa to slipcover, that was a whole 96 inches of space removed!  And things started shifting.  I decided I wanted at least one little area to look clean and decorated again.
So, I picked the smallest spot.  The entryway.  I say entryway rather than foyer because we have a very open floor plan, which I love….but defining spaces can be quite tricky.  I’ve always been a little afraid to do something different to the space since it leads seemlessly into our living room.  However, with slipcovers and more casual atmoshere on the way, I decided to take a little risk.  I left our mirror, but took everything else away (if you can believe it, no before shot for you–sorry, I was too impatient!)
I’ve always decorated my home in a very traditional way….and really, I think, because I thought that’s how “grown-up’s” decorated.  I was always drawn to a more casual look, but I felt like I needed the lidded urns and mahogany wood to prove our family’s maturity.
So, as I’ve gotten more comfortable being me, my style has evolved the last couple of years and this attic renovation pushed me to re-think our entire house’s “feel.” 
Blah, Blah…..hence, the new entryway……
Not much, but let me tell you, it’s clean and there is some sort of decor going on.  The rest of the downstairs is suffering at the moment. (we should be finished with construction next week–YAY!!!) 
Here some detail about the space (because I’m a detail kind of blogger :):
I adore that the dresser draws out the turquoise in the rug and brings it to the center of attention.
This whole look is super relaxed and quite hodge-podge and, well, imperfect.
I love it.
I’ve always wanted to put a chair next to the table in the entryway, but the previous one was too long and a chair seemed to be drifting alone.  It now fits snugly against the dresser and feels kind of cozy.  We found the chair at Nadeau clearanced because there was a small crack in the arm.  It is SO comfortable.  The perfect chair for laying out in the sun…or you know, sitting in the entry way. 🙂
To add a little softness, I used a few yards of white burlap as a throw and plopped this pillow on top.  Oh, this pillow.  You girls get ready because I’ve got something coming your way and it has everything to do with this pillow.
I got worried that I was crazy for adding the cello, so I took it away.
But then I put it back.
It all serves a purpose and I love the vintage, coastal, and relaxed feel.  It’s a spot that creates conversation.  “Where did you get the cello?”  “A turquoise dresser?” “I love that pillow!”
And isn’t that essentially what good design is about?
But most importantly, I like looking at it.  I love the dresser and the color it will bring to my very neutral space (once those slipcovers are finished), my favorite antique book,  the textures of the twine and pine cones, metallics and soft warm tones contrasting, and that lovely pop of orange. 
I’m actually not quite sure how I’m going to find orange roses all the time, but we’re going to have to figure something out because I love turquoise and orange! My 3 1/2 year old, Gray, came in yesterday from the store and said, “Happy Balentine’s, I mean Happy Balentine’s, I mean, ugghh.  HAPPY MUDDER’S DAY!!!”  Best moment ever.
Speaking of turquoise, my husband got me this dresser for Christmas….as is…no refinishing required.  Although, I think we might need to get a top coat on.  I found it on Ebay and stalked it for months….and should have bought it.  But I didn’t and it was gone.  Only he found it for me and stopped to pick it up when he was on business in North Carolina.  He is such a romantic and thoughtful man! (even though today he offered to help me strip a table and I thought I might kill him for not following my requests.)
And you thought you were only going to read about my entryway.  Ha! 🙂
The cello is one of our favorite pieces.  Matt brought it back with us from Honduras one year.  We do mission work there and cannot wait to go back….stay tuned for a different kind of post about our travels there.  He literally carried it as a carry-on so it wouldn’t break!  We went back over and over to get the handmade harp to match, but they never had one completed on any of our visits.  It is a piece that reminds us of so many special and life-changing memories….I love showcasing it here.
So, let me have it…what do you think??  I’m excited about how fun it is to look at and I’m sure it will change very soon.  But for now, it’s just right. 
You see, I’m going to show you my house.  Even if it’s 5 square feet at a time. 🙂
You girls have a blessed rest of your Mother’s Day and a happy Monday!!
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