It is a problem, really.
Antiquing.  Junking.  Thrifting.
Whatever you want to call it.
Because a lot of times, you come home with random stuff.
Stuff like this.
But it all comes together to form a purpose.  If you could have seen the look on my babysitter’s face when I brought this ratty old suitcase in.  Good times.
But I love it.  I love the rugby stripes and the texture.  And even though it looks kind of old and gross, it really is great and just the perfect bit of interest propped up in the corner.  Just need to find a few more to stack.
The globe…I LOVE the globe.  I’ve wanted one with pastel colors to go in the playroom and now we found one for a few dollars. 
I’ve been looking for an empty frame to paint (you guessed it) white and put on our mantel or frame some art upstairs.  We’ll see what happens when I decide to get creative. 🙂
I love using architectural elements like shutters and doors as accessories to add interest.  I’m in the market for something large and show-stopping to use as a headboard in our guest room (which is getting an overhaul as soon as we move the desk, etc. upstairs.)  Will you guys keep an eye out for me…because I know you wouldn’t snag it for yourselves if you came across “it.”
(I know it seems like this is becoming a habit, but I better skip Saturday Shout Out today so I can spend some time with family–coming to you from Nashville today–can’t wait to show you my in-law’s charming home!) 
Time to share with me…what have you guys found lately??
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