I’ve been wanting to take you to my in-law’s for quite a while now.  I asked my sweet mom-in-law if I could take some pictures of their 100+ year old home and she agreed. 🙂
Matt has always been in love with his hometown of Fayetteville, Tennessee….the rolling hills are his favorite.  I must say, the views do become more enchanting after you cross the state line and pull off their exit.
This rock wall and little cabin are about a mile from their home, and it is so beautiful to me!
It seems to stretch on and on…doesn’t it look straight out of an English countryside? 
Come on, let’s keep driving.
And here it is.
Complete with the dog. 🙂
We always love our trips to Nonni and Bubba’s….
It is such a fun place for the kids to play and explore….
swinging on handmade tree swings with their cousins (could they look more like bro and sis??)
and eating honeysuckle with your uncle.
Did I mention swinging??
The house, the yard, the view…it just reminds me of summer.  Which is why I wanted to show you guys their home. 
On to it, shall we?
With the house’s age come so many architectural details.
And then there’s the way they create warmth and decor even outdoors.
Their style is ecclectic, a mix of Victorian, cottage, romantic, and in the kitchen, a little Tuscan.
Isn’t that fireplace in the kitchen nook wonderful and cozy?
Then there’s the pieces of furniture around the house.  Some were made by Mr. Bubba,
like this lovely dish organizer/shelf.  So pretty!  Matt definitely gets his “handy-man” gene from him.
There are so many vintage and antique touches…and what’s wonderful is there are lots of stories to go behind their pieces. (And, of course, I can’t remember them all.)
I love that every space works for them, whether it’s pots ready for cooking, or desks in the living room for paying bills.
Some of the pieces in their home are simply treasures, and while they aren’t painted white, each piece is gorgeous, having been restored by Nancy and Bubba, or left to its natural patina.
Like this beautiful antique icebox that holds cereal and other pantry staples.
LOVE that trunk…Mrs. Nancy told me they had it restored to its original glory.
And the sunroom is my favorite room in the house.
It is filled with white and light and I love that the family added it to the home themselves.
The beadboard ceiling, awning stripe cushions,
and white-washed floors (polycrylic’s pickled white) scream sunroom.
Unexpected touches like these old church stained glass windows add so much character…which is essentially what I love about their home.
It is, at the end of the day,
all theirs.
Above all design choices, and perfect order in our homes, they are supposed to be one thing for sure….ours.
This gazebo was built by Mr. Bubba and Matt…and while there’s always a project going on around it, its beauty can be appreciated from any angle.
That’s kind of the point…bring things into your home that make you happy.  That bring warmth into your family’s hearts.  It doesn’t matter if your living room winds up in a magazine (although that’s lovely!).  
Creating your home is about more than that.  For me, finding the perfect “look” is a big part of creating a haven for my family….but guess what?  My look is probably very different from your look.
And that is quite alright. Here’s to your home!
Well, come on.  I had to throw this one in there for fun.
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