I know I’m on vacation….
but I just had to pop in and say hi! (and why is it I look the worst in this picture?)  I miss you guys SOOOO much!  I promised Matt no working, no blogging (have I mentioned I’m addicted??), or flea markets (on the way to our trip–don’t worry, we’re stopping on the way home).  I’ve told you I’m bad at balance.  So…I’ve left you alone.  But if my brother happened to purchase internet for a day (because you have to buy everything here), then it doesn’t hurt if I check in during naptime, right??
So, greetings to you from Disney World!!
I hope you’re all having great weeks, and are being double-y productive since I’m not at all.  Well, I am, just in a totally different way.
We are having a ball; we saved for this trip and I’ve planned it for a year…and it is incredible.  There is nothing like sharing those kinds of moments with your little ones…with your family.  We stood on Main Street in Magic Kingdom for over an hour securing our spot for the spectro magic parade, and I was miserable.  But all it took for me to tear up was seeing Grayson’s eyes light up when he saw Mickey Mouse for the first time on the float.
Even in the midst of the bright colors and disney mania, there are still things I spot that make me itch to get creative (i.e. paint something),
Or take pictures of something having nothing to do with Mickey Mouse.
But mostly, I am immersed in the fun we’re having, in being with my family.  In being blessed enough to be here together.  It is truly a magical experience.
Don’t get me wrong: we’re exhausted….but it’s worth every second.
Know that I’m missing reading all your inspiring posts, comments here, and seeing all your creativity at work!  Be seeing you soon, but until then….
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