Most everyday, I drive by some of the prettiest and most unique houses on College Street.  I’ve been saying for weeks that I want to get out of my car and take some pictures of the houses, but something usually stops me.  It was such a pretty day yesterday when I picked Gray up from school, that I just stuck my head out the window and started snapping. (so while these may not be the best pictures, they were decent for the position i put myself in hanging my head out of the car)
Some of the houses on college street are cottage-y, some are tudor styled…there is no pattern except for the common beauty in each of them.  They are certainly older homes, with plenty of detail and character.
Take a peek at this beauty:
Again, I want to get out of the car to take some better shots, but isn’t this beautiful??  I want to airlift it to the side of cliff somewhere in new england.  Anybody free this Saturday?
That stinking tree!  It is covering up the tallest turret on the side…can you see it?  More pictures later, I promise.
Just look at all that detail!  The porch, the swags, even the porch railings are so intricate.
I need a glass of sweet tea and a good book and this porch (right, like that’s going to happen.  plus, it might be a little awkward if the owner were to find me)
Okay, here’s a peek of a couple more that I’ll feature later….
That’s it for me, folks.  Sadly, this will be the last post for a while…we will leave a day earlier than expected and I’m scrambling!! If you volunteered to do a guest post, I may not even be able to pull off the details before I go…if not, you will definitely hear from me when I get back.  I’ve visited all of your posts, and they look great!  We call learn a lot (and have fun) by reading them!
Okay, my lovely imperfect friends, I’ll be seeing you soon!
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