So how’s the new blog design treating you??
I’m sort of in love with it.  I just click, “view blog” a billion times and just look at it and smile.  Lauren from Designer Blogs created it for me…thanks, girl!  You really should check them out if you’re looking for a new design.  It was hard for me to pay someone else to do something that I might be able to figure out, but I had no extra time to devote to that.  I shopped around online and they had great prices for the amount you got with each package.  If you go see them, tell them I sent you! 
Other news….I’m offering advertising for your business or blog for only $5 a month!  Click on the Advertising section in the navigation bar to read more details! 
On that note, now that I’ve got that handy nav bar up top, I’ll go on and compile that FAQ section for you.  I’ve gotten so many questions about painting techniques, types, sprayers, and even my camera…..I want it all posted in one section.  If you have a question, I’ll be so happy to answer it….just leave me a comment in this post and I’ll get around to posting that page for you guys.  🙂
If you’re new to the blog this week, I hope to visit you soon!!  Thanks to each of you for all your sweet comments about Darla (and everything else)!
Leaving you with a sneak peek at one of the tabes I’m delivering to a client today–hey Ashley!  So pottery barn to me.
Talk to you guys soon!!

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